Автоматическая платежная станция entervo.pay производит впечатление благодаря своему современному и удобному для пользователя дизайну и выделяется благодаря своей высокой гибкости. Наряду с классической оплатой монетами могут быть приняты банкноты или кредитные карты.
Удобство использования платежной станции достигается использованием интегрированного большого сенсорного экрана и интуитивного
процесса оплаты, в котором используются легко узнаваемые символы. Благодаря технологии «Green Efficiency » с энергоэффективными аппаратными концепциями и интеллектуальными программными функциями энергопотребление может быть снижено до 70%. 
User Guidance: 
• Vertically mounted touch screen monitor (39.6 cm / 15,6”, 768 x 1366 pixels)
• Intuitive user guidance via symbols and multilingual text
• LED Lighting strips for accentuation of operating elements
• Illuminated issue tray
• Intercom substation with call button, microphone and loudspeaker (8 Ω)
Media Technologies:
• BKV40 for processing barcode tickets
• TPU for processing barcode and/or magstripe tickets
• ChipCoin processing for S&B ChipCoins based on HiTag
• Detailed information on the performance of the media technologies can be found in the corresponding
components’ data sheets.
Coin Processing:
• Electronic coin acceptor for up to 16 different types of coin
• 4 self-filling change stores (hoppers) for each type of coin
• Capacity: 2 change stores which hold 350 coins and 2 which hold 600 coins
(Reference values based on 1€ coins. Smaller/larger coins differ)
• Issue of 4 different types of coin
• Self-locking coin box made out of stainless steel, content 7 litres for approx. 5,700 coins
• Vulnerable areas monitored by sensors, even if no voltage is applied
• Optionally with up to 3 additional change stores (hoppers) for up to 1,200 coins respectively
Banknote processing: 
• Various different banknote acceptors and recyclers can be integrated.
Please refer to the overview“Banknote Processings“ 
Cashless Means of Payment:
• Various payment terminals can be integrated; Further information on request
Behaviour in the Event of Network Failure: 
• In case of a network failure, the Automatic Pay Station will store up to 5,000 payment transactions
• Weatherproof housing made of galvanised steel sheet
• Door with mushroom pin lock for optimal break-in protection
• Option of integrating pedestal made of galvanised steel sheet (450 mm or 220 mm high)
Standard Colours:
• Front panel: RAL 7043 (traffic grey B)
• Housing: RAL 1003 (signal yellow) or RAL 9016 (traffic white); Special colours according to RAL are
available as an option
Illuminated Tops (Option): 
• Optional LED-illuminated top with backlit lettering
Connections / Power Supply:
• Power Supply (100-240VAC ±10% / 50-60Hz); Network (LAN); Intercom
Power Consumption (approx.): 
• Basic configuration: 50W; Illuminated top: 14W; additional 500W during heating mode
Place of Installation: 
• For indoor and outdoor use
• Display should be protected from direct solar radiation
• Temperature range: -15 °C ... +50 °C
• Relative humidity: ±0 % ... 95 %
Weights (approx.): 
• Pay Station: 250 kg; Steel pedestal: 15.5 kg (220 mm) - 25 kg (450 mm)
Approvals and Conformity: 
• Europe: CE Mark; USA/Canada: NRTL approval is in preparation
• Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Special locks, Transponder reader, Front‑facing 2D barcode
scanner for eTickets (print@home)
• Other special equipment upon request